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For decades, Alutech United has been known as a premier security shutter designer, manufacturer and installer with two offices. One on the Atlantic Seaboard in Selbyville, Delaware and one on the Gulf of Mexico in southern Florida, Sarasota, FL.

Our products are made of the finest materials available in a variety of colors! Most shutters are operated manually or by a motor installed in a minimally obtrusive exterior housing. Choose Alutech for our experience, technical prowess, high quality, and proven innovation in custom solutions that work for you.

Security Shutter Products

Security shutters provide your home or business with the security and protection you need from burglars, thieves, or simply mother nature. Roll shutters add value to your home while providing safety, security, protection against vandals, and added insulation from noise or changing temperatures.

Alutech United offers an array of products to fit your needs, such as Security Grilles and Aluminum Roll Down Security Shutters, like Magnum, Barracuda, RC-42, RC-37.

For an overview, take a look at our Security Shutter Comparison

You might also be interested in the best hurricane protection for your home with our Barracuda roll shutter which has smaller housings and an end retention option. Or simply read more product information on our Roll Shutter and  Security Star Roll down Shutter available from Alutech.

Kiosks, Counters, Pharmacy: Security Shutter

Common applications of security shutters include:

  • Retail Applications like Pharmacy Counters, 
  • Kiosk Applications to lockup and protect merchandise, 
  • Commercial Applications like Parking Garages,
  • Commercial and Church Kitchen Counters,
  • and even residential applications like hurricane shutters. 

Read more about applications for Security Counter Shutters and Grilles.

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Alu Star Rolling Shutter with Barracuda Slats and remote controlled motor with override to operate in case of power failure.


This spring operated roll down security grille was installed to secure the jewelry store overnight and allow shoppers to view...


Did you know that you can now get our all new Magnum slat with our very distinctive punch pattern in any color we offer?


Common applications of security shutters include: Retail Applications like Pharmacy Counters, Kiosk Applications to lockup...


Security shutters provide your home or business with the security and protection you need from burglars, thieves, or simply...


Alutech United offers CAD specialization services to custom design shutters to customer specifications and measurements.


Alutech’s foundation began in Europe with the use of shutters for the sole purpose of climate control and cultural aesthetic...


Alutech roll shutters are appropriate and integral for a wide variety of applications. Applications such as a washing machine...


Alutech combines durability and competitive pricing with the Security Star. Equipped with the renowned end retention system...


Rolldown security grilles are the security systems that have gained the most popularity for retail and commercial protection...


Of the various models of the roll down shutters available, the RC 37 foam filled slat allows for shutter application when an...


Alutech’s Accordion Shutters embrace the duality of maximum protection and quality. Constructed with high quality extruded...


Most people believe the old saying 'bigger is better.' However, regarding security shutter housing sizes, this just isn't...


The Magnum Security Shutter surpasses the durability of other security systems, providing unmatched ability to withstand...


Alutech offers roll down shutters for any business storefront, parking garage or liquor store. Each shutter can be specially...


For additional security protection on your business store front, kiosk, counters or closets, our roll shutters provide a...


Kiosk and counter shutters are widely used as a barricade to protect valuables, merchandise, kitchens and concessions. Placed...


Counters shutters are used to close off areas such as Pharmacies, Kitchens or concessions....

Roll Shutters provide a...


Alutech United offers various models for one’s home security protection. Shutters for one’s home protect against air-borne...


Alutech United's security grilles protect Jewelry Stores at the touch of a button.

Pharmacy Counter Security Shutters

Pharmacies need to closed off during late hours, while the regular shopping areas are still open.

A Roll Down Security...

Security Shutter Examples
Below are some examples of various Security Shutter Installations:

Roll-Down Security Shutters
Security Grilles
Accordion Folding Shutters
Perforation Options
Many of the Roll Down Security Shutter are available with windows or perforation and micro-perforation options.
End-Retention Guide Rail
Roll Down Security Shutter can be outfitted with additional features and locking mechanism to provide a higher level of protection.
Gun stores: Roll Security Shutters and Grilles and Gates protect your store front from burglars
Roll Shutters and Roll Down Grilles and Security Gates protect Gun Store Storefront (and back door) from burglars.
Roll Shutter lock with integrated handle
Take a look at our new Roll Shutter lock with integrated handle. Simple - cost - effective keyless lock with slide bolts.

For decades, Alutech United has been known as a premier security shutter designer, manufacturer and installer with two...