The History of Alutech United, Inc.

1971 - 1979: Foundations in Germany

More than 35 years ago, Hans Schanz was researching roll shutters that were different than anything on the market: ”Being a Mechanical Engineer, I was looking for a niche product and discovered new applications for roll shutters."

1980 - 1984: Building the Business Nationally

Following the traditions of German inventors, Hans Schanz developed in 1984 a technology that was a bold and novel concept for a roll shutter, which would be able to follow the shapes of a multitude of windows. The “Studio Star“ roll shutter was born.

Within a few years the company became the market leader for asymmetrically shaped roll shutters. In 1989, the company had 30 employees and 4 Mio Deutsch Marks (approx. $2 Million USD) in revenue.

From the beginning most of the employees were friends, neighbors or family members. We built a network of European relationships within the building industry and continued to develop the Studio Star into the now called “Wiga Star” – a roll shutter for glass roofs and sun rooms.

1990 - 1999: Expanding Internationally

During the 90s, the second generation started to actively work and shape the company. In 1990, Holger Schanz incorporated the "WIGA GmbH." Today, he is the CEO of the company that services the Northern European Shutter Market with exceptional Roll Shutter Products.

Joe Schanz expanded the American subsidiary and developed the North American Market. Today, he is the President of Alutech United Inc. in Delaware, USA, with a special focus on Roll Shutters for hurricane protection and security.

2000 - Present: Second Generation

Years of research and development have led to one of the most versatile product lines in North America: Examples are “Barracuda,” a shutter system for security and storm protection and the "Studio Star," a roll shutter for all window shapes. These fine products are distributed and installed by factory trained dealers around the country.

Alutech Today: 

It was only with the dedication and hard work of General Manager, George Pfaller that Alutech has grown from a two employee company to a staff of thirty plus strong.  For fifteen years George has lead Alutech to be the most respected and leading hurricane and security shutter manufacture today.  With George's leadership Alutech prides itself on offering the highest quality, best service and its determination to continue and develop new product for our industry.