Case Studies

Alutech roll shutters are appropriate and integral for a wide variety of applications. Applications such as a washing machine, pick-up truck bed, Telescopes, and mail sorter are among the seemingly "unusual" placements that roll shutters have been housed to for security.

Washing Machine

The washing machine application involved the housing of the roll shutter to the front of the washing machine, allowing for the shutter to be rolled down, covering the opening of the machine. In effect, this application serves primarily as a noise reduction technique, as the foam filled roll shutter application allows for optimal noise reduction for the incessant sound, typical of a washing machine during operation. However, though out of the ordinary in terms of the uses of a shutter, this application demonstrates the versatility that the Alutech name establishes for shutter security.

Pick Up Truck Bed

The pick-up truck bed application serves as a barrier between passers-by and valuables within the bed of the truck. Individuals may be secure and have peace-of-mind in leaving items in the bed of their truck, for Alutech’s roll down shutter represents the premier in security protection. The roll shutter is housed at the front of the truck bed beneath the truck’s rear window, and extends to the truck’s tailgate.

VERITAS Telescope

The Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System (VERITAS), located at the Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory near Amado, Arizona, U.S.A., is an observatory built to study gamma rays from extreme astrophysical phenomena in the Universe. Our shutters are used to protect the 499 pixel cameras from the direct sunlight during the day when the telescopes are not in use. The cameras are used to scan the night sky searching for remnants of exploded stars, distant active galaxies, powerful gamma ray bursts, and evidence of mysterious Dark Matter particles.

Mail Sorter

The mail sorter application is the latest in deterring mail theft. The shutter covers the front of the mail sorter, securely locking at the base to establish a nearly impenetrable barrier between stored mail and prospective criminals.

Each aforementioned application truly illustrates the versatility of both Alutech products and our unique, custom services. Alutech stands at the forefront of innovative technologies and applications, offering quality and ingenuity at an affordable cost.