Gun stores: Roll Security Shutters and Grilles and Gates protect your store front from burglars

Roll Shutters and Roll Down Grilles and Security Gates protect Gun Store Storefront (and back door) from burglars.

Every day theft occurs in stores across the USA. This includes in Gun Shop and Gun Stores. Usually this happens a night. The burglars pry open a door and have access to the guns, weapons and other merchandise, possibly cash. Suspects enter businesses through the most vulnerable openings, i.e. windows and doors.

Perforation Options

Many of the Roll Down Security Shutter are available with windows or perforation and micro-perforation options.

This allows light into the room, while providing a high level of security and protection.

Perforations come in different shapes and size, slat profiles that can be perforated are:

  • Slat: Magnum: 57mm Single Wall
  • Light slits are available for Slats: Barracuda and RC-42
  • Grille, technically not perforated, but allows light and visibility for store fronts

Security Grille For Jewelry Store

Application: Security Protection

Location: Sarasota, Florida

Product: Security Grille

This spring operated roll down security grille was installed to secure the jewelry store overnight and allow shoppers to view merchandise after hours at the same time. The optional centrally located heavy duty mortise lock on the bottom bar locks into the side rails and keeps your entryway free from tripping hazards. 

Security Shutter - Storefront Liquor Store

Application: Security Shutter - Storefront Liquor Store

Product: Cream colored Barracuda 3 System, with Somfy RTS motor override, with removable crank for added security.

Alu Star Rolling Shutter with Barracuda Slats and remote controlled motor with override to operate in case of power failure. Installed by East Coast Shutters and Awnings at a local Liquor Store for security protection and the added benefit of hurricane protection.