Alu-Star Rolling Shutters combine aesthetics and quality to provide home luxury and security at one reasonable price. These shutters are made to stand the test of time and climate, composed of stainless steel, aluminum and plastic to avoid oxidation. Proper closure of the shutters provides a nearly impenetrable barrier between your home and intruders. Hurricane tested, the Alu-Star product possesses the capability to withstand 140 mph winds, wind driven rain, and debris.

Manual and motor options are available on all models. Motor applications are equipped with Somfy tubular motors and come with a complete five-year warranty. Additional features for operation made available through these shutters include: group controls, remote controls; sun, wind, and rain sensors, and interior and exterior key switches.


Architectural design employs the use of large windows as a frontispiece for the elegance of the interior of a home. However, incoming light, heat, and susceptibility to water damage can severely interfere with the quality of housing and the quality of life. Rolling shutters offer a solution - regulate the climate simply by adjusting the position of the shutters.

Unfortunately, burglary is on the incline in most areas; especially in residential areas as well as business districts. Unprotected windows and doors are the most vulnerable points of entry. Alu-Star Roll Shutters’ design makes it nearly impossible to break into your home, office or store. Alu-Star offers luxury, climate control, security, and weather protection at an affordable cost.