Security Grille for Store Fronts

Rolldown security grilles are security systems that have gained the most popularity for retail and commercial protection.

By using the unobtrusive grille system, a property is able to become secured overnight and allow shoppers to view merchandise after hours. Display windows and entryways remain inviting and enticing as compared to a storefront with solid shutters or bulky iron gates. 

Equally important, our grilles feature safety and aesthetic advantages over other systems: 

  • Our optional end retention system is available for larger spans or when a higher level of security is needed. 
  • The ability for a grille to be mounted on the interior or exterior of the glass allows for safe deployment during opening and closing when staff is the most vulnerable. 
  • Operation can be done manually or motorized allowing for easy use without regards to your budget. 
  • By using a centrally located heavy duty mortise lock on the bottom bar that locks into the side rails, our system allows you to keep your entryway free from tripping hazards. 

Many cities are modifying their building codes to increase appearance in downtown areas and preserve architectural character of their buildings by banning solid rolldown shutters.  However, the use of sliding or rolldown grilles would still be permitted due to their openness factor.  In fact, the New York Times recently published an article regarding a bill from the Public Safety Committee that stated "after July 1, 2011, any rolldown gate that is being replaced must be replaced with a gate that allows at least 70 percent of the covered area to be visible." "This bill not only helps first responders when they are called to protect our businesses, but it carries the additional benefit of beautifying our city's landscape".  Cities and business owners taking these measures will help maintain a comfortable appearance and preserve the economic well-being of shopping districts in many areas.