ALUTECH UNITED, Inc. is a family owned business that specializes in the design, production and installation of high quality rolling shutters. These shutters add storm protection, shading, security features and energy saving capabilities to any building space.  Our company broke ground in Germany in the late 1970's. Alutech United and our parent company, the Schanz Group, are now established in 8 countries worldwide as the leading provider of custom shaped roll shutters.

1971 - 1979: Foundations in Germany

More than 35 years ago, Hans Schanz, the patriarch of the Alutech family, conducted rigorous research with regards to introducing a different kind of roll shutter. This research ultimately lead to the creation of Alutech's specialty custom shaped roll shutters.


In his words:


"Being a mechanical engineer, I was looking for a niche product and discovered new applications for roll shutters."

1980 - 1989: Building the Business Nationally

Keeping in line with German innovation, Hans developed the "Studio Star" concept of roll shutters. This style of roll shutter was designed to conform to a number of different shaped windows.


Thanks to this, our company secured the market leading position in regards to asymmetrically shaped roll shutters. By 1989, we had amassed 30 employees and approximately $2 million in revenue.


Most of our employees from the start were close friends, neighbors or family members. Through our thoroughly curated network of relationships within the European building industry, Alutech continued to develop the Studio Star into what is now known as the "Wiga Star" throughout Europe - a roll shutter designed for glass roofs and sun rooms.

1990 - 1999: Expanding Internationally

Upon the turn of the decade, Hans's sons began assuming a more commanding role within our organization. In 1990, Holger Schanz started building and selling winter garden roller shutters. He later on incorporated "WIGA GmbH" as the domestic arm for Alutech in Germany. Today, he is the CEO of the Northern European arm of Alutech, offering exceptional roll shutter products throughout the continent.

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Joe Schanz began the grueling process of expanding the North American arm of Alutech United. Today, he is the President of Alutech United Inc., headquartered in Delaware, USA, with a special focus in roll shutters for hurricane protection and security.

2000 - Present: Second Generation

Due to our decades of research and development and trial and error, Alutech United has developed one of the most versatile product lines in North America's roll shutter industry. Examples include the “Barracuda,” a double walled shutter system for security and storm protection, as well as the iconic "Magnum," a single walled roll shutter designed for hurricane protection and intruder prevention. These fine products are distributed and installed by our highly trained dealers across the country.

Alutech Today

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of general manager George Pfaller, Alutech has grown into a staff of more than 30 strong with two locations. George has lead Alutech to becoming the most respected and leading hurricane and security shutter manufacturer today.

The company prides itself on offering the highest quality of products and services, and this determination continues to be evidenced in products we develop and offer the industry today.