Pharmacy Security Shutters

Protect your pharmacy during off hours. 

Our roll down security shutters are perfect for securing critical inventory and any important paperwork you may have on site. Our custom built shutters can be tailored to the exact dimensions of your openings, ensuring that your pharmacy has proper protection when you're not there. 

For this purpose, we typically recommend our Magnum or Barracuda roll shutter options. Both choices are also built to include a built-in end-retention system. This helps to bolster the protective capacity of our products, giving you a peace of mind when you're away from your pharmacy. 

For smaller openings, our RC-42 light duty roll down shutter provides an insulated option if one so chooses. 

Pharmacy Counter Security Shutters
Jewelry Store | Storefront Security Grille or Shutter

Alutech United's security grilles protect Jewelry Stores at the touch of a button.

Residential Home Security Shutters

Alutech United offers various models for one’s home security protection. Shutters for one’s home protect against air-borne debris, vandalism, break-ins, and other external threats to the home. Shutters provide a non-verbal warning to intruders, thus deterring potential burglars from entering the home.

Counter Security Shutters for Restaurants | Bars | Kitchen | Concession

Counters shutters are used to close off areas such as Pharmacies, Kitchens or concessions....

Roll Shutters provide a perfect barrier for counters and closet applications where a quick and easily operated security shutter is needed. 

Retail Kiosk or Vending Booth Security Shutters

Kiosk and counter shutters are widely used as a barricade to protect valuables, merchandise, kitchens and concessions. Placed on the exterior of the business kiosk, the aluminum extruded slats along with the advanced Alutech locking system, create the trusted security associated with the Alutech name for over 10 years.

Retail Applications | Busines Storefront Grilles and Security Shutters

For additional security protection on your business store front, kiosk, counters or closets, our roll shutters provide a secure locking system designed for maximum protection. Traditionally, shutters designed specifically for retail applications are referred to as a “counter shutter.” These shutters provide business owners with peace of mind by establishing a secure barrier and locking system for any and all merchandise.

Roll Down Security Shutters for , Pawn Shops, Gun Store, Storefronts, Gas Stations

Alutech offers roll down shutters for any business storefront, parking garage or liquor store. Each shutter can be specially designed for visibility and/or maximum protection.

Gun Store Security

Our rolls shutters serve as a fortified line of defense for many arms dealers. This is extremely important due to the sheer amount of lethal weapons on premises at most gun stores. Our shutters are also custom built to fit the width or height of whatever openings that need coverage, giving you complete and total protection.