Magnum: Mini Overhead Door

The Magnum Security Shutter surpasses the durability of other security systems, providing an unmatched ability to withstand exterior forces.

The Magnum Security Shutter is a single-walled slat; however, the product is constructed with a 57mm profile.
This security system provides the ultimate solution to protecting your home or business.

Barracuda: Small Profile Security Shutter

Most people believe the old saying 'bigger is better.' However, regarding security shutter housing sizes, this just isn't true! The Barracuda rolling shutter is equipped with neat, compact, small housings, end retention technology, and it even eliminates the need for storm bars. This US patented product allows for smooth, quiet operation, and the latest in hurricane protection. In addition, the Barracuda meets and exceeds the most stringent standards including: the Texas Department of Insurance, International Building Codes, Florida Building Codes, and Dade County restrictions.

Accordion: Folding Shutter

Alutech’s Accordion Shutters embrace the duality of maximum protection and quality. Constructed with high quality extruded aluminum and stainless steel; accordion shutters maintain the capability and durability of enclosing entire balconies or store fronts with one shutter; while withstanding hurricane force winds our intruders.

RC42: Light Duty Security Shutter

Of the various models of the roll down shutters available, the RC 37 foam filled slat allows for shutter application when an exceptionally small housing is necessary. Each slat is insulated with polyurethane foam, for noise reduction and interior climate regulation. The Alutech United’s RC 37 is the choice among homeowners for security, protection, and noise reduction. The cost efficiency makes the RC 37 a perfect match when protecting small openings, such as windows, but also Retail Kiosks and Carts or Sales Displays.

Magnum: Security Grille

Rolldown security grilles are the security systems that have gained the most popularity for retail and commercial protection.  By using the unobtrusive grille system, a property is able to become secured overnight and allow shoppers to view merchandise after hours. Display windows and entryways remain inviting and enticing as compared to a storefront with solid shutters or bulky iron gates.  Equally important, our grilles feature safety and aesthetic advantages over other systems:  Our optional end retention system is available for larger spans or when a higher level of security is needed.  The ability for a grille to be mounted on the interior or exterior of the glass allows for safe deployment during opening and closing when staff is the most vulnerable. Operation can be done manually or motorized allowing for easy use without regards to your budget.  Lastly, by using a centrally located heavy duty mortise lock on the bottom bar that locks into the side rails, our system allows you to keep your entryway free from tripping hazards.

Security Shutter - End Retention Option

Alutech combines durability and competitive pricing with the Security Star. Equipped with the renowned end retention system, this single-walled slat offers optimal security protection from unlawful entry. The Security Star was developed and engineered by Alutech engineers, and constructed to provide the best in security protection.