While our shutters are perfect for regular everyday uses such as residential or commercial protection, there have also been alternative uses as well. Take a look below for some inspiration for your next shutter project.

Washing Machine

This interesting application involved installing one of our roll shutters to the front of a washing machine. The shutter was also able to be rolled down or lifted up. The primary purpose of its installation was to significantly reduce the level of noise coming from the washing machine. As such, we used our insulated RC42 foam filled shutter to serve that purpose. This resulted in a significant decrease in the level of noise coming from the washing machine during its operation.

Pick Up Truck Bed

This unorthodox application involves installing one of our roll shutters over a pick up truck bed. This aids in securing any valuables being transported inside of your vehicle. It also acts as a deterrent to potential thieves who may wander about property. You can see that the shutter is housed at the front of the truck bed and extends to the truck's tailgate. This ensured complete coverage of all things inside. 

VERITAS Telescope

The Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System (VERITAS), located at the Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory near Amado, Arizona, is an observatory built to study gamma rays from extreme astrophysical phenomena. Our shutters are used to protect nearly 500 pixel cameras from direct sunlight during the day when the telescopes aren't in use. 

Mail Sorter

The slightly more common application is the latest in deterring mail theft. The shutter covers the front of the mail sorter, securely locking at the base to establish a nearly impenetrable shield between stored mail and prying eyes.