Originally, our company produced shutters for the purposes of climate control and aesthetic appeal. However, as we transitioned to the U.S. we started expanding our focus towards hurricane protection and intruder prevention. Take a look below at what it takes to get one of our custom shutters from our facility to your desired destination.

Steps In The Process
  1. Illustration: Drawings are first composed which details the specs of the opening in question, including both clear and finished dimensions of said opening and the estimated shutter sizes.
  2. Exact Measurements: Our highly trained salesmen are then sent out to get specific measurements of the opening, which goes towards properly fitting your custom built shutter.
  3. Digital Rendering: The drawings are then send to our CAD software. This ensures that all specifications will be properly applied prior to the shutter being produced.
  4. You're all set! Once the design process is finalized, your order and customized specs are sent to our highly skilled manufacturing team for production.
  5. Once completed, your custom built shutter is shipped promptly and without delay. All that's left is the installation of your shutter and you're all done!


A customized design solution provides you with the level of quality, strength and durability that Alutech United has become known for.