Alu Star Rolling Shutter with Barracuda Slats and remote controlled motor with override to operate in case of power failure.
This spring operated roll down security grille was installed to secure the jewelry store overnight and allow shoppers to view merchandise after hours at the same time.
Did you know that you can now get our all new Magnum slat with our very distinctive punch pattern in any color we offer?
Common applications of security shutters include: Retail Applications like Pharmacy Counters, Kiosk Applications to lockup and protect merchandise, Commercial Applications like Parking Garages, Commercial and Church Kitchen Counters, and even residential applications like hurricane shutters.
Security shutters provide your home or business with the security and protection you need from burglars, thieves, or simply mother nature. Roll shutters add value to your home while providing safety, security, protection against vandals, and added insulation from noise or changing temperatures.
Alutech United offers CAD specialization services to custom design shutters to customer specifications and measurements.
Alutech’s foundation began in Europe with the use of shutters for the sole purpose of climate control and cultural aesthetic appeal. With the transition to the United States, Alutech integrated a foam-filled application and began to emphasize hurricane and security protection. Take a look at the steps involved in our custom design process:
Alutech roll shutters are appropriate and integral for a wide variety of applications. Applications such as a washing machine, pick-up truck bed, Telescopes, and mail sorter are among the seemingly "unusual" placements that roll shutters have been housed to for security.