Our Accordion Shutter Embraces the Concept of Duality Ensuring Maximum Protection and Quality

Each Accordion blade is crafted using high quality extruded aluminum. Its fold-like design makes it perfect for enclosing entire balconies or store fronts with simply one shutter while withstanding extreme external conditions or intruders.



Accordion Shutter features:

  • Unique, interlocking folding blade system
  • Radius tracks for smoother opening and closing (Choice of 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90°)
  • Bi-fold effect - center opening with shutters extending from each side of opening
  • Interior and exterior locking options
Accordion Background Banner
How difficult is the installation process for the Accordion?

Our Accordion shutters are the FASTEST shutters to assemble and install. 

How do Accordion shutters differ from other shutter products during assembly?

Each Accordion blade interlocks with the next blade in the sequence, ensuring proper stability and protection even in extreme conditions.

How does the price compare to other products offered?

Accordion shutters place an emphasis on economical pricing without sacrificing the quality and level of protection that has come to be expected of the Alutech brand.

Are there any other color options?

Of course! You can check out the ones we offer in our product comparison chart.

How strong are Accordion shutters?

Accordion shutters are built to withstand hurricane force winds and are building code approved.

What sort of operator choices can you make with an Accordion shutter?

Our Accordion shutters can only be manually operated. This is due to the way in which it is operated, opening and closing horizontally instead of vertically like our other offerings.