Our Barracuda Roll Shutter Comes Rolled Inside a Compact and Aesthetically Pleasing Housing

They also come with end retention technology built into the shutter itself, eliminating the need for storm bars. We also offer a plethora of control and operator options to operate the Barracuda, many of which allow for smoother and quieter shutter operation.

Barracuda Extruded Aluminum Slat
  • Covering Surface 1 21/32” (42mm)
  • Slat Height 1 21/32” (42mm)
  • Nominal Thickness 7/16” (8.7mm)
  • Design Weight per Square Foot 1.64 lbs.
  • Slats per Square Foot 7.62
  • Recommended Maximum Width 165” (4.2 m)
  • Recommended Maximum Height 110” (2.8 m)
  • Minimum Roll Diameter 40 mm
How reliable is the Barracuda?

The Barracuda shutter offers code compliant hurricane protection for your every needs.

What makes the Barracuda different from other offerings?

The Barracuda is comprised of double-walled aluminum slats which aid in boosting it's protective capabilities.

Are there any other color options?

Of course! You can check out the ones we offer in our product comparison chart.

How is it operated?

As with many of our offerings, the Barracuda can be either manually operated or motorized for a hassle-free and instant shutter operation experience.

What's the benefit of the "built-in" end retention feature?

The benefit of this feature is that vertical storm bars don't have to be used, allowing the slats the ability to lock into the guiderails using retention bolts.