Our Magnum Roll Shutter Provides Customers With Industry Leading Protection

The Magnum is an excellent choice for protecting both residential and commercial properties, being able to withstand most external forces. This includes inclement weather and various other Acts of God. They also serve as an ideal deterrent towards intruders. 


Magnum Security Shutter features:

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Perforation options
  • Key Lock in Base Slats or Intermediate Slat
  • Operator: Manual / Spring-loaded, Motorized, Remote Controlled, Solar Powered
  • End-Retention Options for added Security and strength
  • Hurricane Rated for Florida Building Codes
  • Exclusive Patent Pending Technology
Do you have installation instructions?

Installation and measuring instructions can be found here: Technical Info

What makes the Magnum different from other offerings?

The Magnum is comprised of single walled aluminum slats. Thanks to this, our Magnum roll shutters are easily able to maintain a slim profile while also providing top grade security in the industry.

Are there any other color options?

Of course! You can check out the ones we offer in our product comparison chart.

How small can housing sizes be for Magnum styled shutters?

Housing sizes could be as small as 5.5" if need be. Smaller housing sizes help to establish a more "clean" look in many cases. It also helps save overhead space as well.

How long can the span of a Magnum slat be?

Per our Magnum engineering specifications, our Magnum slats can reach a maximum length of 24'. This bodes well for wider openings at places such as warehousing facilities or other commercial operations.