Our Magnum Security Grilles are a Very Popular Choice for both Retail and Commercial Applications

Our security grilles are perfect for securing your property off-hours while allowing potential customers the ability to view your merchandise after hours.

Our Magnum grilles feature numerous safety and aesthetic advantages over other systems including:

  • Optional end retention system available for larger spans or when a higher level of security is needed
  • Grille can be mounted on the interior or exterior of glass, allowing for safe deployment during opening and closing when staff is the most vulnerable
  • Operation can be done manually or motorized allowing for easy operation
  • Centrally located heavy duty mortise lock on the bottom bar that locks into the side rails, allowing you to keep your entryway free from tripping hazards. 
What's the difference between the Magnum Grille and a perforated Magnum shutter?

The Magnum Grille features a unique "oblong" punch pattern. This patterns allows for two-way visibility and increased airflow if one so chooses.

Are there any other color options?

Of course! You can check out the ones we offer in our product comparison chart.

What's an ideal application for Magnum Grilles?

Magnum Grilles are perfect for storefront and commercial building protection.

How large is the opening in the Magnum Grille ?

The size of each oblong hole punch for our Magnum Grille is 4" wide by 1 1/2" tall.

Can I design my own custom look?

Yes you absolutely can! Our Magnum Grilles are custom built to your specifications. You can even choose the layout of the hole spacing if one chooses.