Our RC42 Foam Filled Shutters Allow Extremely Small Housing Sizes

Each slat is insulated with polyurethane foam, which helps with noise reduction and home insulation. The RC42 also doubles as a protective barrier against intruders and extreme conditions outside as well. Its cost-efficiency also makes it a perfect match for protecting small openings such as windows or kiosk openings.

Aluminum Foam Filled Slat
  • Covering Surface 1 7/16” (37 / 42 mm)
  • Slat Height 1 5/8” (41 mm)
  • Nominal Thickness 17/64” (7mm)
  • Design Weight per Square Foot .70 lbs.
  • Slats per Square Foot 7.03
  • Recommended Maximum Width 102”
  • Recommended Maximum Height 102”
  • Minimum Roll Diameter 40 mm
What makes the RC42 different from other products?

The foam filled slat of the RC42 helps insulate inside spaces. This means your home remains cool during warmer periods and warm during colder periods as well.

Is that the only purpose to the RC42's insulation properties?

Not at all! The RC42 also reduces noise levels as well. This bodes well for maintaining a quiet home so that external sounds don't interfere....or eavesdroppers can't listen to your conversations.

Are there any other color options?

Of course! You can check out the ones we offer in our product comparison chart.

What material is your RC42 insulated with?

Our RC42 shutters are insulated with a polyurethane foam core. This helps keep temperatures at a desirable level and assist with noise reduction.

What other benefits come with owning an RC42?

Thanks to the insulated properties of the RC42, it is great at energy savings. This is because while the shutter is closed heat and air is trapped within. This prevents unnecessary wasting of both heating and air conditioning in extreme temperatures and ensures that your temperature systems are utilized to their fullest capacity.